No Shrink Patch-Quick & Extender

Woodwise Wood Filler Patch Quick Extender

No Shrink Patch-Quick

A unique, dry wood patch made specifically for filling large voids. Absolutely will not shrink!

Most wood fillers will have at least minimum shrinkage. And when you have large voids to fill, the shrinkage is much more considerable. Our No Shrink Patch-Quick truly will not shrink! Works particularly well on knot holes, using 2 of our most popular colors, Knot Brown and Mineral Streak Black.

This product is easy to mix, sets hard in 30 minutes, sands and stains easily, fills all sizes of voids without shrinking, can be coated over with finish, will not freeze in its powdered form, cleans up with water, is environmentally friendly and cost effective, and contains no harsh solvents. For indoor use only.

Available in 1.5-lb bags and 6-lb boxes, in 5 different colors: Red Oak, White Oak, Maple-Ash-Pine, Knot Brown, Mineral Streak Black.


No Shrink Patch-Quick EXTENDER

For those that love the new product, but need a longer working time (for a variety of reasons, including using our Patch-Quick as a trowelable filler), we have developed the No Shrink Patch-Quick EXTENDER. It extends Patch-Quick’s working time up to 2 hours, depending on the amount added. Yet retains the same great, large-void-filling properties of our No Shrink Patch-Quick — absolutely WILL NOT SHRINK!

Comes in a 4 fluid ounce bottle. Varying amounts of EXTENDER is used depending on both the desired set time, and the color of Patch-Quick you are using. Full instructions are on the bottle label and a chart to determine the amount you’ll need is listed below: