Pre-Finish Filler

Woodwise Prefinish wood filler

An easy-to-use wood filler made specifically for factory-finished floors. Fills cracks, nail holes, gouges and broken edges. You’ll love how easy this water-based filler is to work with. It dries quickly and hard, yet flexible. It doesn’t stay soft like oil putty, it’s not messy like latex fillers and leaves no oily film. Put the sticky, oily, messy fillers behind you!

Formulated specifically for factory-finished and previously-finished floors, it also works well on site-finished floors, between coats, etc. Looks great and performs well with or without coating over and can be sanded if necessary. Bonds well to wood, where to you need it to, with ease. Holds its color when it dries (filler will dry slightly darker). Colors can be intermixed to create custom shades.

Pre-Finish Filler comes in the following colors:

Brazilian Cherry Tone, Cherry Tone, Ebony Tone, Gray Tone, Light Oak Tone, Maple Tone, Medium Brown Tone, Red Oak Tone, White Tone, White Oak Tone

Pre-Finish Color Kit

This convenient packaging system allows you to easily carry all 11 different colors of our Pre-Finish Filler at once! It comes with a 3-ounce jar of all 11 colors of our Pre-Finish Filler. Handy, reusable storage container keeps all 11 jars together. A must have for every installer!

7 ½-Ounce & 3-Oz Singles

Our standard sizes of Pre-Finish Filler are 3-oz and 7 ½-oz jars. Our 3-oz jars are sold in cases of 12, while our 7-oz jars come in cases of 9